Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day 47 - Helmsdale to Dunbeath (16 miles)

Today was like being in a special LEJOG club. It started at The Customs House B&B where I met 2 cyclists over breakfast who were due to finish today. I spoke to the lovely landlady and she said there were plenty of people that pass through doing either LEJOG or JOGLE so I should see a few today. She was not wrong.

I saw only cyclists doing the challenge. 2 going south and obviously just starting, and 4 that were due to finish today. 2 of the cyclists that were due to finish today had their parents following as a support team. One cyclist passed me and I wished him well, his father followed behind and after asking me how many days I'd taken he proudly told me "that's my son up there peddling away, he's on his 8th day". He was right to be proud but I am so happy I walked it instead of cycling. I've loved the 3 mph pace and meeting the people I've met. It's been an amazing adventure.

I had time to do a little sight seeing today and I noticed a little sign that said "Badbea - cleared village. Historical site". I wondered what a "cleared village" was so I diverted in to take a look.

It turns out a cleared village is a village that the landlord evicted. Land owners would be able to make more money from livestock than they could make from the rent the villages were bringing in. It was harsh times but generally if the villagers refused to leave the land owner would simply burn the homes down. In Badbea you can still see the foundations of the properties. It looked as if the village would have struggled anyway. It's right on the edge of a cliff and has no room for expansion. It ties in with what I was thinking yesterday, this area of the world would have been extremely harsh to live in.

The hills are now rolling again but not too high. I've got myself mentally set for the final day and the marathon but tomorrow I need to cover just 12 miles. The end is very much in sight. What AM I going to do after this venture?


  1. Just another gentle stroll again today then Daimon. You must know hundreds of people all over the country by now. You ask what will you do now well let me see mmmmm!!!!!I think a nice rest and family time is well over due don't you?I'm sure there are more than a couple of special people will be only toooo pleased to have you back home to spoil you and One special little girl whom will be delighted to see her Daddy.Am sad that I won't have anything to read, but am thrilled that you will have achieved your Goal JOG here you come. Best of Luck. Look forward to the penultimate and final installments.........

  2. Hi a liesurely day today and even better tomorrow 12miles,,, a little more time to obsorb the beautiful surroundings eh, time for you to think about your next venture!!!!!!we wonder!!!!!! still with you to the end, will soon be HAPPY RUNNING.

  3. Hi Daimon

    In answer to your query, West to East with your
    Mum for company, she'll love it in a tent once again after missing it for thirty years.

  4. Woo hoo!! nearly the weekend Bruv.We are setting off tomorrow evening so will see you sometime Saturday morning - who knows might even see you for breakfast LOL!!
    Enjoy your final stroll through the "bonny land" until you push your final assault through to the finishing post.
    Looking forward to it.

  5. Good luck today and totally agree that walking is much better way tan cycle, you have had an amazing journey. What will my family read now ... even my husband logs into you blog to catch up and has been gripped. what will you do next .... write a book about it as your blogs have been so funny cindy

  6. Morning bruv! Well, nearly there! Just amazing!! You really are gonna suffer now - sitting at home in front of the TV just ain't gonna do it for you in future!
    In fact, the big question is 'What are you going to do??' !!!
    For most of us reading these, it means we will have to go and find a good book!
    Right back at the 3 week point I said how proud I am to have you as my brother, and as you will be finishing this journey tomorrow I just wanted to remind you of that.
    You've done a top job mate - nice one!