Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day 43 - Beauly to Dingwall (10 miles)

A nice easy day today. 10 miles. Nothing to report as such. Tried to do some sight seeing and all I can say is Fort David along my route was either a lie or disappeared many moons ago.

Extended the walk by 3 miles to avoid the main streets. It wa nice to be able to walk at leisure instead of by a time frame. It still took over 4 hours to walk the 10 miles but it was a treat. It's nice my body accepts 10 miles as an acceptable distance to walk.

A short day equals short blog so I'm off to feed!

Tomorrow sees the last of the 20+ mile walks. After that it really is the home stretch. I'll have a prevailing gusting wind so I expect a speedy 20 miler. Fingers crossed for lack of rain.


  1. Glad to see you had a nice little stroll today and that it was a pleasureable one. Have put in an order for no rain tomorrow, so you should be ok.Hail and hearty tomorrow onwards and upwards, Strut your stuff Daimon, keep smiling.

  2. yes good that you were able to take a leisurely walk today{still 10 miles}off your journey which is now less than a week to go WOW, still time to enjoy and savour even more of bonny Scotland, GO on and on, HAPPY WALKING

  3. Straight on to JOG from here then Bruv. woohoo
    Into the final week with a spring in your step and the wind in your hair!!!!
    see you at the end......

  4. It's 0300.....what's the '0' stand for? Oh my God it's early!!
    It's getting a touch breezy at the moment down here, so am assuming it's a little windier up there (is that a real word??!!).
    Good luck today bruv - might be head down and walk hard today, but I'm sure you will cope with it!.