Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day 42 - Alltsigh to Beauly (24 miles)

I left Briarbank B&B in Alltsigh and headed back on to the Great Glen Way with stories of 'The Nessie Monster' fresh in my head. I'd obviously taken the stories for what they were, tall tales of a non-existent entity. However, no sooner had I got on the GGW did I see something I've never seen before. I watched as small, dense patch of fog rose up from Loch Ness, through the trees, enveloping me in moisture, before it disappeared again. All in under 90 seconds. Maybe we should keep an open book on Nessie? Weird things do happen.

I arrived in Drumnadrochit after 3 hours of walking. I still had 15 miles to cover. I'd walked just 9 miles and already felt tired. I've been walking fir 6 to 8 hours each day without breaks. I think my body is now of the opinion it does not like doing that. I pondered how I was going to cope with the remaining mileage. By now though it's easy, you just put one foot in front of the other. I did just that and moved on.

It had been decided I'd leave the GGW and head up a B road to Beauly. The roads were quiet but there was still a few cars. Again I experienced an idiot. He looked me in the eye and pointed his car at me. I was mad to begin with but now I just feel sorry for him. If that's what he needs to do to feel better about himself - sad.

Beauly is a really nice place and quickly my thoughts of fools vaporised. My only issue with Beauly is that I arrived there having walked 23 miles. My feet were on fire, and not in a good way. I needed to sit. All day it had rained, stopped raining, the sun had shone, then it had rained again. Repeat that pattern infinitely and you have the Scottish weather system. I like it. You know where you stand with it. As everywhere was still wet I couldn't sit. So I just had to keep moving.

There was some confusion with my next place of residence. Ultimately I ended up in Springburn lodge which is situated 1 mile north Beauly. Joana is an amazing host. She has a warmth about her that most others do not posses. She has offered me a room for the next few days and if I didn't need to move on, I wouldn't.

I dud see a sign today, albeit a handmade sign, but it's the first one that stated John O'Groats 125 miles. I can't believe this journey will be done in just a matter of days.


  1. Hi, well you have conquered the response to these road rage idiots,yes very sad people.enjoy this lovely lodge and surroundings as you have some horrid weather the next few days,. OMG, seeing 125miles to john o groats brings so much crediblity of what you have achieved so far,amazing,{just that word} does not sum it up, this journey,s end is really in sight for you now,WOW, HAPPY WALKING.

  2. Hi mate, Its Nick, we met on the way too and in Tyndrum. Had a really good laugh that night. Myself and bob are done now. Im assuming your the damien harvey that sponsored me?
    would just like to say a big thankyou and what an amazing and truly inspiring journey your on. keep up the good work mate and i hope you get too the end safe. Have a good celebration afterwards and you really deseve it.
    Nick Johnston

  3. Hi Bruv. just by chance did the sign have written on the back of it how far to Lands End??? I'm pretty sure you could tell them eh? The days for this incredible journey are now on a countdown - which for so many people reading your blog is a shame - however for your poor feet and legs it's probably a very welcome countdown. See you at John OGroats in just 1 weeks time......

  4. Daimon what a day weatherwise. Don't get downhearted, you've come this far. Remember once before you nearly called time down our way, but hey ho look what you would have missed along this journey. You have been truly blessed with a wealth of knowledge of your country and witnessed that life does throw barriers in your direction, but you have overcome them and are almost at the triumphant stage, JOG is in sight. And there will be a few more people out there willing to help you on the last leg of that GOAL. KEEP SMILING AND WALKING WITH YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH, BECAUSE YOU CAN BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF, ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS BEEN WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

  5. Hi Daimon

    I totally salute your efforts of yesterday,to all readers, look at the route from Drumnadrochit to Beauly using Google Earth and notice it's a long boring slog with hardly any activity with burger vans or little shops and then the weather to contend with as well.
    On a happier point, following your result against Spurs your application to join the Utd's supportes club has been approved with pleasure.

  6. Morning!! There's a very real feeling of anticipation now that you are this's brilliant!
    I cannot imagine the willpower you have had to draw on to keep going when the going got tough - and I personally am very glad you did!! For all of us watching, it gives us our own journey up the country, and one which we almost certainly would not have experienced.
    The weather forecast is pretty poor for the coming couple of days, so just look out for yourself and stay in touch so we know where you are.
    It is obviously up to us here to try to give you as much support as possible so that you can crack those last few days. In the meantime, I am sure that you share my joy that the mighty Spurs managed to record their first three points of the season with an away win.
    For both you, and the mighty Spurs, the only way is up!!!!!
    Keep on keeping on bruv - great to see you so close to your goal.

  7. dear Damion We think what you are doing is GREAT. Hope your feet are coping well and that you are prepared for the so called hurricane. Thinking about you Jenny (Al and James mum) and Pat Wenbourne - she says hang on in there boy!