Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 40 - Fort William to South Laggan (20 miles)

Leave the West Highland Way and you can almost immediately join the Great Glen way (GGW) that stretches up to Inverness.

By the 4th mile you stand in front of the impressive Neptune Staircase. A series of approximately 8 locks on the Caledonian Canal. I stopped to take snaps and moved on.

Where the canal opens into Lochs the GGW takes a detour into woodland. Eventually I found myself alone, in the woodland, with only the sound of trickling streams to keep me company. It stayed like that for nearly 2 hours. I took the time to reflect on my journey and I know that this has been more than a holiday. It's changed me a lot. It's opened my eyes to possibilities. I feel a little sad that I'm only going to be on this journey for another 10 days. There will be other challenges that I'll take up in future but this has been the most life changing experience (second only to the birth of my daughter).

I'd been walking some time and I saw a gentleman taking a seat in the distance. He was the first person I'd seen for ages. We said hi and exchanged pleasantries. When he heard what I was doing he asked if he could take my picture. I'm amazed at how people find what I am doing wonderous but not as amazed as I used to be. It does now feel like a long way.

His name was Andy Currie. A thoroughly nice man who had done plenty of walking in his time. We talked about the WHW and he said he'd like his ashes spread there after he has gone. Obviously the place has had a similar effect on him as it has had on me. To think I nearly bypassed the WHW.

Tomorrow I go Nessie hunting! I'm having a bit of trouble with further stops along the way but being so close to the end nothing is going to stop me.

I have decided one thing. The final 26.2miles I will be running as a marathon. The first ever End to End Ender!


  1. HI, Well,your journey just continues to be fullfilling every day, you maybe feeling a little sad that you are only 10 days to your goal,but feel very joyous too at the wonders of our land that you have seen and other amazing people on the way, YES HAPPY AND GLORIOUS EH! Onward and upward, happy walking.

  2. You passed through one of my favourite parts of Scotland today.
    Well done and keep on walking and of course watch out for that pesky monster ! lol

  3. HI Bruv. Nuff' Said!!
    keep on keeping on mate, Looking forward to seeing you at the finishing post.

  4. Yet another wonderous day, your description sounds very inviting to say the least.This part of your journey I think has been the most inspiring for you. You deffinately did the journey the right way around from south to north.Well not only a walker talker and smiler but a celebrity now as well to boot. Hope you gave Andy your autograph too, as it may be worth a bob or too after your next expedition.Watch out for that other celebrity tomorrow, she may appear just for you.Keep smiling and walking and savour your last few miles. Still with you.

  5. hi there - i read your blog @ lunch time each day and it has been inspiring - well done
    i know richard will be amazed when he grasps what you have done.

    good luck with the home straight!!