Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 39 - Kinlochleven to Fort William (15 miles)

So there it is, the WHW has been completed. It marries up to the Great Glen Way which will be tomorrow's starting point.

I met a travel buddy since Kings house hotel a few days ago and she has been great company. It's been nice to walk and talk. Simona is also a geologist so it made for a more interesting experience, knowing how old the ground we walked upon was. Apparently the hills and mountains we walked are among the eldest on the Planet.

You can't help but marvel at the beauty of the WHW. We thought of the passed few days and where we had come from, what we had seen. If you do just one part of my journey so far, let it be the West Highland Way.

I'm going to move on from here and feel a little sad. I'll have to say bye to my buddy, bye to Ben Nevis (who is currently hiding behind clouds), bye to some familiar Walkers. A few of the walkers over the last few days have decided to get together tonight to celebrate their achievement. I'll be joining them even though I didn't do the starting points but I'm hoping the other 600 miles I did before that will make up for it.

The weather is due to be horrendous over the next few days so drying clothes will be a necessity. I only have 1 dry set of clothes. As long as the chill keeps off I'm golden!

This is a landmark being at Fort William. It's now a straight line to John O'Groats (well, it's mainly north east from now to the end). Bring. It. On.


  1. Well what a day you've had. Making new friends and leaving some behind. Not forgetting where you've been or what you've seen. You have achieved so much over the last few weeks and to think you almost gave in, just think of the wonders you would have missed. I would liken it to lifes riches, what is money when you have such jewels all around you. At this ,moment in time I would class you as a millionaire. Keep Smiling and walking towards that goal. Beside you every step of the way(I wish, especially reading your description of the places you have seen).Your blog is still the highlight of my day.

  2. Not sure whether I enjoy missing a couple of days and catching up with your blog in one big bang, or prefer just having a bit of a drip feed each day!!

    Your descriptions of your experiences are so vivid that it's almost like being there myself.

    Each time I look at the map of your route I am absolutely stunned at the distance you have travelled, and deeply envious of your experiences and achievements - in the best possible way of course!!

    Hope the minor confusion over the B&B is resolved and you've managed to dry your kit out....will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that the rain holds off as much as possible.

    Keep on keeping on mate.

  3. Ching Ching! enjoy the evening with new found friends I think it's an evening that you deserve after everything you have battled against so far. Here's hoping mother nature takes a gentler look upon your next part of the journey - although it sounds as though she's already given you her best shot - you stood and laughed in the face of danger!!! The end is almost in sniffing distance - head up, clear your nose, and keep on keeping on!!

  4. HI still chuckling over you at the top of Devils Stairs shouting BRING IT ON: Now, after another awesome, memorable day a well deserved social time with new found friends,{enjoy}Keep your eyes peeled on the next part of your journey for NESSY. STILL with you every step of the way and so much look forward to your blog. WALK STRONG, SING LOUD, HAPPY WALKING.