Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 36 - Inversnaid to Tyndrum (19.5 miles)

I was advised by a friend to get a panoramic photo stitch application for when I got up to this part of the World. Never was a truer word said because everywhere I looked today was a landscape picture waiting to go on canvass.

I left the brilliantly bohemian Inversnaid bunkhouse and set my sights on a fast ish time along the West Highland Way (WHW). I wanted to up the pace today to challenge myself. I felt my legs needed a workout, they were becoming 'one pace plodders'.

The first 4 miles were a challenge all by themselves. Thin pathway that ran along the north east stretch of Loch Lomond. In places it was thin, others steep, others slippery, others all three at once. A challenge I was loving. That was up until I turned my left ankle. I thought I'd messed up the entire End to End challenge. Pain shot through my foot and up my leg. I thought I'd torn something but quickly realised I'd escaped without injury. That was the first turn on that ankle of the entire challenge and it opened the door to me turning it a further 3 times today. I escaped each time with a simple cuss and a short section of limping. I must be more careful. To injure myself now and not be able to finish is unthinkable. I slowed my pace until I hit open track.

Once in the open it was a case of enjoying the scenic environment and getting to my next port of call. Along the way I passed a few walkers but 2 guys stuck out because of their backpacks. It turns out they were walking the WHW with full military pack. It looked heavy! Really heavy. Having had a quick chat with them I promised them a beer in Tyndrum.

I pushed on along the trail, passed more awesome scenery, and arrived in Tyndrum 7 hours 15 minutes after starting. It had been a successful day. I showered, changed, snoozed, then went for food. Whilst waiting for food the 2 guys I had spoken to earlier walked in. They've done an awesome job in getting so far with their packs. Hats off to them.

We sat, ate, drank, and had a right laugh. It occurred to me I've not had a good chuckle like that for a long time. Good end to a good day. Better still I spoke to Adie regarding my route and I have some short days coming up. Not tomorrow, but the day after. My feet can't wait!


  1. Hats off to you also Bruv. WHW PAH! They should try end to end then they'd know what real walkings all about!!! Only joking lads if you're reading!Final countdown has started Daimon - enjoy the short days tolerate the long ones and we'll see you at the finishing post!!

  2. hi. ditto adie, NOW fort william is waiting for you with more unbelievable scenery , this is YOUR journey,YOU deserve to embrace and savour every single moment of it, happy walking.

  3. Enjoy the the next 50 miles. The scenery will blow your mind! Having only ventured as far north as Fort William I do not know what awaits you beyond that point but savour the next few days and enjoy it. Your camera memory will be full!! And I am sure what lies beyond Fort William will be just as special. Good luck mate, Mark Barrow

  4. What a wonderful day, bit shakey to start with, but hey ho you kept on going.The scenery sounds fantastic, your own photographic memory will hold those precious moments. Enjoy every day from here on in.The days will fly by now and your ultimate goal will be in sight. Well done Daimon.

  5. It was a pleasure to meet you, nick and I feel inspired and awestruck by your efforts and the reasons for them. Keep on walking mate after all it is just putting one foot in front of another ; ) lol all the best we will be sure to keep following your progress

  6. wow think it's amazing what your doing and just brilliant that you are helping to raise money for rich keep going strong and hope your enjoying every step of the way pardon the pun lol love your nephew Sam