Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 34 - SE Glasgow to Drymen (20 miles)

I couldn't possibly have walked through Glasgow without seeing friends in the Ernst & Young office. I turned up looking more like a tramp than my usual sharp self(!) I'm not sure some of them believed me when I'd said I'd walked from Lands End. Hopefully you believe now.

Glasgow is really nice and has bags of history what with the dock yards and the obvious glory times they once brought. Oh, Glasgow also has a canal, the Forth and Clyde canal. This is probably most famous in recent times for the Falkirk Wheel. This is a brilliant piece of engineering that joins the Forth and Clyde canal to the Union canal. The 2 canals were originally joined by 11 locks. Do yourself a favour and wiki the Falkirk Wheel. Only after reading the rest of this though!

I went through Glasgow and, as I had been told would happen, suddenly found myself on the open road in the countryside. The day was rough going as it was all road walking and although I had new treads on the feet were still complaining. I'm thinking whatever damage has been done may need rest to resolve it.

The walk was again uneventful. I will say though that Mark and Debbie have been absolute saints to take me in, feed me, clean my clothes, let me use their home as my own. They've been brilliant. Thank you.

I'm really tired now so off to bed I go with the promise of Loch Lomond being my walking view tomorrow. It's a tough job...


  1. Glad you have caught up with some more friends today. It sounds as if you are haveing a ball and being spoilt rotten yet again! What with history,country folk giving an insight into your journey and showing you the way, stunning scenery, a plethera of friends, plenty of right arm bending, what more could a man ask for.The only thing lacking is mans best friend. Continue your journey with an air in your step and a smile on your face and the miles will just fly by. All the best.

  2. hi so many county,s conquered,with more lovely peopleand scenery, it must seem like a countdown to christmas, it just gets more exciteing, loch lomand and fort william,,,,,unforgetable so keep your chin up and those weary feet plodding. you wont be disappointed, happy walking.

  3. Hiya bruv,

    to say that I am envious would be the understatement of the century! Your efforts so far have been awesome; an experience that most people will never come close to in a lifetime!

    I just hope that you are taking loads of piccies, although I realise that it might not be top of your agenda as you stride along.

    I've just had a chance to catch up on your blog, and you just never cease to amaze me!! It's going to take you another two months to talk us all through it!!

    Of course I have no doubt that you have the forthcoming very important footy fixture right at the forefront of your mind, when your beloved team take on the mighty Spurs! Obviously Spurs have a very strong team at the moment - at the bottom holding everyone else up!!

    Hope the new treads are doing the business and the feet are breathing (sort of) a sigh of relief.

    Good luck bruv.